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10,000 Royalty Free Stock Pictures in Shutterstock

Submitted by on January 29, 2016 – 8:01 pm
I would love to sell my royalty free pictures directly from my own website, but most of my sales comes from stock agencies. Shutterstock is the best performing agency for me followed closer, and closer by Fotolia.

8 years, 10,000 pictures

I joined Shuterstock in March of 2008, and after almost 8 years I just reached 10,000 pictures in my portfolio there. Of course, not all pictures were accepted. As of today, I have got about 10,700 pictures created specifically for stock. It is a real challenge to keep a balance between production and creativity here.

To put things in a perspective, Shutterstock has over 70 million stock photos, vectors, videos, and music tracks online.

Credit to photographer?

I visit quite often my local Barnes & Noble bookstore to sit with a cup of coffee and browse through books and magazines. Almost every time I am finding one of my pictures somewhere inside or even on a cover like last time in Ancient Healing Secrets book. Unfortunately, if the picture was bought from Shutterstock the credit goes to the agency, not to me. That’s a not so nice side of being a microstock photographer.

Lightroom catalog

Screen shot of my recent stock images from Lightroom catalog on my computer

Sales in microstock agencies

I upload my pictures to several microstock agencies, but these 7 provided more than 90% of my revenue within last 12 months:
35.7% – Shutterstock
18.8% – Fotolia
16.3% – iStock
8.0% – Dreamstime
5.5% – BigStock
5.1% – 123RF
4.1% – DepositPhoto
Fotolia contribution is growing (29% in January 2016) while iStock is going downhill. My results are somewhat differ from the monthly poll in microstock group.

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