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Digital Pinhole Photography – No Lens but a Touch of Photoshop

Submitted by on January 30, 2013 – 10:57 am

Digital pinhole photography is a nice escape from my every day shooting for stock.

I have never made my own pinhole camera, but I was always experimenting with cameras I was using at a time. I used to shoot pinhole images with 35 mm slides and 4×5 Polaroids, but I got a little bit more serious with my digital SLR camera.

  • Red Vase #5 - digital pinhole photography
  • Hyacinth #2 - digital pinhole photography
  • Red Vase #6 - digital pinhole photography
  • Green Bottle - digital pinhole photography
  • Hyacinth #3 - digital pinhole photographye
  • Red Vase #1 - digital pinhole photography

Pictures in this gallery were shot about 6 years ago with Canon EOS 10D, my first DSLR camera with a pinhole installed on a camera body cap. Exposure times were from 15 to 30 seconds with a desktop lamp, a small flashlight, a piece of white board as a reflector and some fabric as a background. Photoshop was used to remove dust and add a dry brush effect.

I tried a similar setup and Photoshop dry brush filter with my current camera, Canon 5D Mark II, but did not get so nice results. Too many pixels? I need more experiments or just find my old Canon 10D.

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