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New Belgium Blue Paddle through a Pinhole

Submitted by on July 12, 2007 – 12:53 am

I am not much of a beer drinker or drinker at all. Nevertheless, time to time, I like to try something from Fort Collins’ New Belgium Brewery, especially, their seasonal specials. Have you heard about anybody who would have just a half bottle of beer?

Two years ago, my wife bought a six pack of Blue Paddle for my birthday. Before opening any bottle I spent some time photographing …

blue paddle  beer from New Belgium Brewery

This picture is a pinhole image shot with my Canon EOS D10 with a pinhole body cap instead of lens. I applied some dry brush effect in Photoshop. The secret of this technique is to resize the original picture to a proper resolution before applying the dry brush filter. The final effect depends not only on the dry brush settings but also on pixel resolution.

I like the pinhole image much better than a regular lens shot. The beer was good too.

You can find more similar images in my Digital Pinhole Gallery. New pinhole pictures of tulips will be added soon.

Blue Paddle Pilsener, crafted without the use of adjuncts like corn or rice, explores the boundaries where American Lagers seldom journey. Reflective of Europe’s finest Pilsener’s, Blue Paddle delivers a refreshing bitterness, vibrant finish and a subtle but intricate depth of flavor.

With Blue Paddle, we wanted to produce a beer that was definitive of the upper echelon. Peter Bouckaert and our brew staff drew inspiration from outside the world of Belgian ales for the generously hopped lager. Blue Paddle has a bit more body than the traditional Belgian pils and is closer in style to a Bohemian Style. High impact crispness from noble hop varieties finishes with a rich panoply of malt flavor.

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