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Wood Type Alphabet – Two New Picture Sets

Submitted by on May 21, 2014 – 4:26 pm
letterpress wood type alphabet

Some of isolated wood type alphabet sets

My collection of wood and metal letterpress type sets is growing. These printing blocks are featuring in numerous pictures in my stock portfolio: words, phrases, slogans, proverbs, questions, typography abstracts. They are also used in custom projects.

Some type sets are more than 100 years old and have a lot of character: scratches, dents, stains. Wood printing blocks have beautiful ink patina.

Several alphabet and number sets isolated on white are included in my stock photography portfolio. The recent addition of two new wood type alphabet sets is presented in the upper left corner of the above collage image.

Each printing block is shot separately (usually a top view) and then a collage of 26 alphabet letters or 10 digits is created. They can be used to create any flat text or numbers. If I shoot entire words, logos or phrases I often use a different style – shooting at certain angle to show sides of printing blocks which gives more 3-dimensional effect. In the incoming post I will demonstrate and compare these different styles.

The files for alphabet and number sets are much larger than other pictures. I am offering them at the same price, but only in large sizes and the price for the original size picture is higher.

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