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Words, Phrases and Crosswords in Vintage Typewriter Keys

Submitted by on January 10, 2015 – 5:26 pm
My new series of typography images includes words, acronyms and phrases created with vintage typewriter keys. I think these old keys work nicely for crosswords. Several popular words are already included in this series like blog, design, brand, analytics, data, stats, poetry and prose, risk and insurance, ethics, facts and myths.
crosswords in typewriter keys

Words, acronyms, phrases and crosswords in old typewriter keys

Royalty free pictures

Pictures of typewriter key words can be licensed and downloaded directly from Pixels Away Stock. License pricing start with $2 for a small size, 480×320 pixels, designed for blogging and web publishing. You can find there many more typography images created using vintage letterpress wood and metal type printing blocks.

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